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Tips and advice for cycling

Bike Safety

While cycling is an excellent form of exercise and transport, its essential to be aware of the potential dangers so that we might mitigate the risks on our journey.

For the safety of yourself and others, you must always follow the Highway Code while cycling on roads.


There are some simple actions that can make a huge difference in your safety, especially when cycling in a rural area. Speed traffic is higher as there are fewer cars on the roads. You need to be visible to drivers so they can adjust their speed and give you space. Make sure that your bike has well-functioning lights and that you wear high-visibility clothing and/or accessories if you can. Check regularly your bike and do not leave without some essentials tools and safety equipment. Last but not least, plan your journey ahead to spot dangerous sections in advance and use cycling maps and/or your smartphone to navigate.


Routes and Road Tips!

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Essential Equipment


Watch these videos to find out more about fun games to help children learning great cycling skills

These are simple and fun games that you can easily do with children to help them improve their cycling skills.

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